I wonder how long it’ll take before this becomes the size of the observable universe

Observable universe has a diameter of 8.8 × 1026m

Octahedron triples in diameter once every GIF cycle at an optimum speed of 44 frames at 25fps = 1.76 seconds

Assuming that the original size of the octahedron is 1cm (my opinion) the shape would have to grow 8.8 × 1028 times its original size

This would take log(8.8 × 1028) / log(3) = ~60.66 cycles
= ~106.76 seconds

But it might take longer. The smallest physically possible octahedron I know of is a sulphur hexaflouride molecule (SF6). Apparently it has an effective radius of 2.385 A = 2.385 × 10-10m

This would need to grow 1.845 × 1038 times its original size (ignoring any issues with tessellation or molecule interactions from starting this small)

This would take log(1.845 × 1038) / log(3) = ~80.2 cycles
= ~141.15 seconds

I’ll be hiding in my bomb shelter.