I wonder how long it’ll take before this becomes the size of the observable universe

Observable universe has a diameter of 8.8 × 1026m

Octahedron triples in diameter once every GIF cycle at an optimum speed of 44 frames at 25fps = 1.76 seconds

Assuming that the original size of the octahedron is 1cm (my opinion) the shape would have to grow 8.8 × 1028 times its original size

This would take log(8.8 × 1028) / log(3) = ~60.66 cycles
= ~106.76 seconds

But it might take longer. The smallest physically possible octahedron I know of is a sulphur hexaflouride molecule (SF6). Apparently it has an effective radius of 2.385 A = 2.385 × 10-10m

This would need to grow 1.845 × 1038 times its original size (ignoring any issues with tessellation or molecule interactions from starting this small)

This would take log(1.845 × 1038) / log(3) = ~80.2 cycles
= ~141.15 seconds

I’ll be hiding in my bomb shelter.

Anonymous asked:

Hi! Are you ever going to release your DX3 library for others to mess around with?

I don’t have any immediate plans but I’m considering it. I’d want to make sure that the basic structure is not in too much of a state of flux, make sure I have the documentation to back it up, and also have the time to put into bug fixes etc. Too often I’ve found libraries that seem like they’d be cool, but are poorly documented with few examples, or are riddled with weird problems that make you wonder if the library is broken or if you’re just using it wrong.

To be honest most of what makes these GIFs look the way they do isn’t the library, but the algorithms that control it, and they’re always done from scratch. That’s the fun stuff. The library certainly does help with allowing all that 3D movement though.