Make 3D photos


I’ve just finished a little web app that takes an existing photo and a depth map, and gives back anaglyph 3D images (for red/cyan 3D glasses), wigglegrams or crossview images, with a bunch of options to help get the 3D working just right.

Warning: without drawing yourself a depth map you won’t get far. It’s not a jump-right-in-and-play kind of toy, but for those who are patient enough to make a depth map I hope this is a useful tool. It certainly helped me turn some pictures 3D where Photoshop fell short!

Here it is - 3D anaglyph / wigglegram maker thing.

Now back to shapes.

theinfinitenorthpole asked:

woaw the 3D anaglyph tool on your website is mindblowing I'm just shocked to have heard of it before! really GREAT work :D

Thank you! I hope it’s fun slash useful, and please let me know if you make something cool with it.

I didn’t originally consider posting about that tool on here, but in case more people are interested I’ll post a link in a minute.